Need suggestion for Oracle10g DB with wM 7.1.1


We are planning to use webMethods 7.1.1 with Oracle 10g for Logging the wM Componennts (IS, TN, MWS, Optimize for Infrastructure, etc).

Prod Server : 5 cluster
Cert Server : 5 cluster
Dev Server : 3

Could you please suggest , how many Oracle instance we need to create as per the best Practice or from your experience.

Is it we need to have seperate SID for each cluster or shall we use 1 SID for all the Prod , 1 SID for Cert and 1 SID for Dev with different schemas…

Please suggest.

Warm Regards,
GOpinath K.M

I would recommend keeping your webmethods components on the one SID on different schemas, although it would depend on volumes, infrastructure etc…

I have found that there is not much guidance on database sizing to be found on advantage, but in my experience the volumes are never so large that all the components can’t reside happily on the one SID.

How much size per IS and MWS size Grows…