need solution on dropdownlist control

We have one requirement that in dropdown list options having country code values has NL,IND…etc, and Item Label has Netherlands, India, in runtime if I select country as INDIA, I need to map this value to the input of web service document for country code string and item label property to the description string, how can we achieve this mapping, please kindly help us to get this.

anil kumar ellendula

Hi Anil,

you will bind ur dropdown “value” to a bean (string value) to get the value which user has selected. after that what you have to do is, use iterator or loop to compare the value with list (county names), so u will come to know the index of the element(country name). the corresponding country code will also be in the same index then map the value.

Note: to implete this the webService output should be something like this

So that u can bind the countryName in Choice group.

Hope it helps

Sunil Kumar N