Need Interview Questions On Adeptors

HI Good morning,

       Can any one give me interview questions on Adeptors or EAI.

You should be embarassed to ask others to help you cheat on any certification exam.

In addition, you have now violated the wMUsers Terms of Service and are in danger of being banned from this site.

You might want to reconsider…


Sorry for asking a question like that. I did’nt mean certification exam questions i need some sites for interview questions.

You gave questions when one persone asked about interview questions.
On 03-19-2007 at 18:47 he asked posted a forum like wM EAI interview questions ans he wrote can any one send me interview questions on EAI and you replyed for that and gave him questions basing on that only i asked interview question now.

Actually i need the sites for Questions on EAI.

i am the admin of wmusers
what silly questions u r asking,
u r using webmethods tools and u not having a sense of going to google and searching about questions. U r wasting our valuable time.

And what is the spelling of Adapters u wrote"ADEPTORS"
once chekout the spelling and write 100times imposition

if once again i saw ur postings in this site then i will send police to ur home.


I agree we should not allow cheaters to participate in our users’ group (although I personally don’t see any evidence indicating that that’s what sandhya_rani was attempting to do.)

However, I find it ironic that you would attack someone’s mispelling when your own post does not resemble proper English.

The WMUsers community spans across multiple cultural, academic, and technical backgrounds. Grammar and spelling mistakes can be expected, and in my humble opinion, should be accepted as they rarely interfere with what really matters.

Let’s try to stay focused on the issue at hand and refrain from taking cheap shots which divert our attention from what is truly important.

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I didn’t know that wmusers are also outsourcing their admin jobs to India…and when did you become wmusers admin, it must have been recently because this is your first post. You would think that they would send their admin to english class first or at least hire someone else to proofread his posts.

pdurgaprasad you are quite close to violating the wMUsers terms of service (“Do not post any …threatening…materials.”) and risk the possibility of being banned. Please refrain from making untrue claims.

In all likelihood, I misunderstood the original poster’s question.

We have recently had yet another wave of mind-numbing posts in the form of “I’m new to everything and don’t know anything, please teach me everything I need in detailed steps in a single post”.

Usually these waves of no effort or thought invested postings pass pretty quickly as do the wave’s of requests for certification exam interview questions. Sandhya_rani’s original post caught be at a bad moment and it appears that I jumped to a wrong conclusion.

Sorry about that.

wMUsers takes WM software licensing and certification exam policies very seriously. First of all its the right thing to do and secondly we value our relationship with WM.

There is only a single administrator, me and a few moderators like Rob who help out by deleting duplicate posts and relocating messages posted in the wrong place. I’m sure pdurgaprasad’s post was just poking fun at my negative reaction to the original poster.

Closing this thread now.

Mark Carlson
wMUsers - owner, director, administrator, chief cook and bottle washer