Need help with regular expression!


i need a pattern to find a filename with 36 characters length.
I learned that pattern is not equal to regular expression!

I did something like {0,35} but it did not work.

I want to poll files like SX8010RFBILA01bis162009_20090618.txt

When a file like SX8010RFBILA01bis162009_20090618Z.txt appears in the monitoring directory, the file should be ignored.

So the pattern could also look something like *anyNumber.txt
to see if the last char before .txt is a number.

I need this for setting the file name filter in File Polling Listener Configuration (administration).

I really appreciate your help.



“i simply need a regular expression to find a filename with 36 characters length.”

Use the service Pub.String:length service with the input as the file name and and you will get the length of the filename.

Thanks, but i can’t use your solution because i have to put in a patterninto the field “file name filter” which is in administration under ports and file polling. I want only specific files to be polled from the folder.

Sorry first I thought it is the same like regular expression.

Do have any ideas for that.

I found this in a previous thread.

This KB article on Advantage discusses the regex supported by the file polling port:

That article refers to a link that describes the class that the file polling port uses for regex handling:

So it is not regular expression.

Still have to find a solution (pattern) for my todo.

I found a solution.

I use the following pattern: *[0123456789].txt