Need help with MSMQ tutorial

I get the following error in the early steps of running the MSMQ tutorial:
IS Administrator
---->Server settings (find)
Error: Unable to obtain MSMQ server setting.
Class wm.queue.API.WmQueueException.
Exception invoking ‘reset’ on COM object

Prior to encountering this error I had done the following:

  1. Installed MSMQ under Win/XP
  2. Added two private queues
  3. Installed MSMQ adapter under IS
  4. Installed MSMQ turotial package under IS

MSMQ itself seems to work ok when called from C# via Visual Studio.

Any suggestions?

How are you naming the private queues? Are you using this format:



I wrote several .NET applications that successfully access my queues, indicating that MSMQ is working.

In IS Admin I enter the following in the path field, then hit the “find” button.

This results in the following pattern in the path field
ladson-hp\private$\ladsonqin (note double slash)

This error is displayed
Unable to obtain MSMQ Server Settings
class wm.queue.API.WmQueueException
[BASWMQP.0002.0055] Exception caught: [BASMSMP.0001.0011]WmDispatchException invoking reset on COM object [Ljava.lang.Object;@194b34a: {2}:{3}

Have you applied MSMQ 1.5 Fix 3? This fix adds the following:

“The adapter now supports private queues. The fully-qualified
queue name must be entered on the Server Settings panel. The
format for the queue name is: \private$<queue name>.”

If you haven’t applied this fix, contact webMethods Technical Support and they will provide it. Thanks.


Apparently wm fixes are not available to independent contractors like me.