Need help with LDAP Query Role

I have configured MWS to connect with Sun Directory Server and created a LDAP query Role. Now all the ldap users are listed in the Users page of MWS.
But I only need a subset of these ldap users. I think it could be done by adding a LDAP query in my ldap role.
But I have tried different queries and ldap users are still not filtered. Can somebody give me the right syntax for the ldap query. I only want to import ldap users whose first name (givenname) is Test*.

I have tried the following queries with (simple checked) but none worked:
cn=Tester One

Thanks for any ideas.


Did you resolve this thread?

Can you help me please?


Hi Joel,
You could look up the syntax in the following url. This may give you some idea how to formulate the ldap query.


Hi Vincent,

The ldap querys i know how to implement, my question is if in my new page (, the sso is a that way:

  1. i obtain the user id
  2. using a query ldap i go to search the user id
  3. if the id is exists, i redirect to the application, if does not, id redirect to the login page

This is correct?


Hi Iengca,

The ldap querys i know how to implement and the query function in a ldap browser.

My problem is in the ldap query that not function and if i insert a space in this field (for to pass the obligatoriness validation), the mws returns all users in the ldap directory service.

My mws is 7.1.2, this is a bug or my configuration is wrong?