Need Help with CloudStreams Adapter for AWS Cloud Adapter Connections

Currently we are facing an issue with the cloudstreams adapter in the webMethods Integration Server. We are getting repeated timeout errors . The issue is happening Intermittently . COuld you kindly help in this case .

The error that we are receiving repeatedly from the cloud streams adapter is "An IO or Timeout Exception is encountered for invoke ‘PUT’ method.

The AWS cloudstreams adapter is connecting fine. No issues in that . But while trying to upload any file in the S3 bucket this issue is happening.

Could you please help us in resolving this issue

Could you try by increasing the Socket Read Timeout value to say 5 mins (i.e, 300000)?


Sure Tanuka thanks for the help , I am trying from my end and letting you know.

Actually I am attaching a screenshot of the settings , are you asking to increase the Session Timeout value

No Victor, this would be specifically be the Socket Read Timeout value. If you scroll up in the connection configuration page, this should be available in the Connection group.


Hi Tanuka,

I tried to search for the settings Socket Read Timeout in the Cloudstreams Adapter Connections but not able to find it . Could you please help here . I have attached the screenshot for your ready reference.


Can you switch over to the Advanced View(option in top right right hand corner) and check?


Yeah got it, thanks . So you were talking about this Socket Read Timeout Settings right .

To change from 30000 to 300000 — Means add another 0 to it correct ?

Please confirm…

Yes to both your questions


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