Need help to build Reporting tool

Hi All,

 I want to create a Reporting service which displays the no of Transaction happened for the specific client. 

 Can anybody tell me which tables in the Trading networks use to store the transaction related data in the TN database? 

 Is there any inbuilt reporting tool available? 

Thanks in advance.

Do you intend to build a service that returns results similar to the ones shown by the ‘Transaction Analysis’ screen of TN Console? If that is the case, you may use the built-in services of folder to create your custom service.

The services in this folder allow you to build Document, Event, Profile, Task and TPA query… however, they (built-in services) have certain limitations. To get a full potential, you may use the TN API in a Java service to build queries suiting to your need.


Hi Rohit,

     Thanks, I haven’t checked the services yet. First I will go through the package and let you know if I find any difficultly.