Need help on webMethods Admin Job

Hi Guys,

I am thinking to jump into webMethods Admin Job very soon, But I don’t know how to start & Where to start?Please can anyone guide me to start my career in Admin job? I will really appreciate for your guidence …

Note : I have little working knowledge on the following webMethods product as a QA Engineer.
1)Installer 4.6,6.0.1.
2)Logger Adapter46
3)IntegrationServer6.0.1 with Logging Utility6.0.1
4)JDBC6.0.2 & wM Developer.


Hello Gangaraj!

The installers 4.6/6.0.1 are similar, and would not be difficult at all.
Just need to know the targeted OS and the required/supported components.
e.g. AS/400 nor MAC OS-X supports any of the Developer/Integrator tools or Broker.

Here is a sample:
4.6 (exe and jar are self contained)
java –jar webMethodsInstaller.jar -console

6.0.1 (exe and jar connect to an installer server via HTTP)
Java –jar webMethodsInstaller601.jar –console –URLBase [target URL]

Expect for 4.6 to be very different in term of Auditing with the Logger Adapter46. 6.0.1 now supports Service Auditing against Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 (UDB, AS/400) and Audit Utility. I believe you have to get familiar with the Broker Admin Guide and the IS Server Installation Guide. You would first need to configure IS Server with Broker before starting the Logging Utility and you would also need to set up the IS Server audit runtime to store documents in a database.

For JDBC Adapter 6.0.2, the WmJDBCAdapter package needs to be installed and it’s not part of the default runtime installation. For this and additional Third party JDBC Driver is needed to configure the Adapter connections. 4.6 and 6.0.1 still support WmDB for direct API calls to the database. However this package does not directly support transactions as the new WmJDBCAdapter does.

I would advice you to learn the bigger picture by going through the webMethods Corporate site, than join Advantage and simply go through the user guides and as every key in success : practice, practice and practice!