Need help on new features in TN 7.1

Hi EveryOne,

I am exploring new features in wm 7.1 but unable to find out the following:

  1. How to associate “comments” with TN7.1 Documents?

  2. How to suspend document delivery for a partner?

  3. How to Allow custom delivery services to be used as
    prefered protocol?

Please put some light on the above features if any one has explored it.
Many thanks in advance.

Thanks a billion!!!

  1. not sure what you mean here.

  2. Setup a delivery queue in TN for the trading partner. You can suspend the delivery queue.

  3. Setup a custom delivery service in TN.

For 2 and 3, these info can be found in the TN Admin and User’s guide.


  1. How to associate “comments” with TN7.1 Documents?

I don’t think you can. But you can add ‘content-parts’ to a TN bizdoc document. So presumably comments could be stored as content part (you’d need to have unique content part names - probably based on timestamps). note though, you cannot alter a bizdoc or content part, once added.