Need Help in connecting to MSACCess from Unix

Hi ALl,
Do any body have experience or tell me a way to Connect to a
MS Access database in Windows NT from WEbMethods that is residing in a Uuix box.

any suggestion will be greatly appreciated

Take a look at JDBC to ODBC bridge that can allow WM JDBC Adapter or WMDB package to access ODBC DB in Windows.

I see from other threads that using the wmDB adapter and, for example, an EasySoft jdbc-odbc bridge driver, you can connect to an Access database. But has anyone successfully used the Sun version? (Specifically from unix to windows as detailed in this thread)

Also, I was wondering if there is any new information on when the JDBC adapter will be able to connect to a MS Access db.



I would not expect the JDBC adapter to add support for MS Access. Access is a lightweight, non-enterprise “database” not commonly used in production solutions.