Need a java service to compare numbers or evaluate a negative

This seems really, really simple, and I would think there would be a WmPublic for it, but I can’t find one. I want to evaluate a number in the pipeline of SAP BC to see if it is less than +1 (a zero or negative). Is there a service existing to either compare two numbers (for greater than or less-than)? I want to make a Wm Flowlogic branch to go one way for a number less than +1 and default for everything else.
I don’t know Java well enough to write this custom…can anyone help me find a way to check this?

No need to write java, just use a branch. See “branching on an expression” in the developers guide.

It is even simpler than that. You don’t need a service, just use a branch statement with evaluate labels set to true.

If your pipeline variable is say: myDoc1/accountBalance

Then add a branch statement with Evaluate Labels set to true

Then add a sequence and put the following in the label
%myDoc1/accountBalance% < 1

put your zero/negative logic there

then put another sequence with $default for the label
and put your positive logic there.

Hope this helps,

These suggestions helped a lot! It’s working well now. Thanks for the help!