How can I se BRANCH return value

I am a newbie WebMethods. I want BRANCH for condition to query database difference table. So, I want data to return for calculate and then return value. How can I do that?

Simple :slight_smile:

Use branch, set the evaluate label property=true (Evaluate on expression), false (evaluate on switch value)

Inside your branch add child steps and provide the conditions in label of child steps.

Let me know if you need more information. Refer service development guide for more details.


Yes please follow the above steps and do refer the “service development guide” which can guide you better with more informative and sample syntax.


Thank you.
And So, Sorry If i explain it’ not clear.

I mean
- Service A --> Return A
- Service B --> Return B
- Service C --> Return C
–> Service D

Service D has One Input.
So, If Run Service A, Can Service D receive Return A.
If Run Service B, Can Service D receive Return B.
If Run Service C, Can Service D receive Return C.

I use pipeline. It can use only one parameter. If i drag another, it will tell this path has been use.

:slight_smile: :frowning: :o If you have not dropped the pipeline variables in each step it will be visible to the next step.

Thank you very much