I have three environments setup to run NATURAL, two AIX servers, and one Linux server. On the two AIX servers, the trace nuc simply hangs on execution. The same configuration (nctr, etc.) works on the Linux server. At first I thought it was generating trace information. But the trace file is always empty. Attaching to the running process with truss produces no output.

Any ideas on how to determine what is wrong?

FYI - platform AIX 6.1 (64bit), NATURAL 6.3.7, NSC 6.3.7 installed, ADABAS 6.1.8, PRD 4.5.2 pl?

Does the non-trace version work on AIX, or does it hang as well ?
What does “on execution” mean, does it hang when starting Natural ?

The non-trace version works. The hang occurs directly after the trace messages (as follows)

user:/opt/softwareag/scripts parm=db1parmt

  NATURAL V 6.3.7 PL 0  Software AG  2009

Using /tmp/nctr.831820.out as tracefile.
Using /opt/softwareag/scripts/nctr_all.cfg as configuration file.

From that point on there is no response.

On the linux platform it will produce output; depending on the config settings.