Natural Studio 6.1.1 Activate Shortcut Names for pushbuttons

Previous Natural Studio 5.1.1 when defining a shortcut name for a pushbutton name the symbol & is used, for example if the ‘string’ attribute of a pushbutton is defined as ‘&Select’ then at design/run time the pushbutton name is shown as ‘Select’ with the letter ‘S’ underlined. The same symbol is used for Natural Studio 6.1.1 but the letter after the symbol is not underlined at run time until the user clicks ‘Alt’ key. However this only applies to the current dialog being displayed. Is there a way to activate this feature all the time so that any dialog (MDI child window) being displayed will have this feature on ?

Many thanks,

Hung Thiet Nguyen

This feature has nothing to do with NATURAL - it’s a Windows feature.

To Change →
Right click on your windows desktop - select “properties” from the context menu
Select “Appearance” tab from the next window
then click on “Effects…”
There you find:
“Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key”
where you can switch on/off this Windows feature.