Add accelerator key to Studio menu item added by plug-in

I’ve created a plug-in whose on-activation method adds a command to call a dialog, then adds the command to the program editor’s menus.

I’d like the on-activation method to set Ctrl+I as the accelerator key.

However, the Add method of Commands does not offer an accelerator, nor can I find a Natural Studio control bar interface which offers it?

(Note I’m teaching myself plug-ins and oo so if I have missed something obvious please just tell me to get some training! :slight_smile: But I have gone through all the documentation repeatedly with a fine-tooth comb, and searched the forums, to no avail…)

Also, if anyone has a bit of time can you consider these questions too?

  1. Adding a command with caption to “Insert Access Code” + h’09’ + “Ctrl+I” drops the tab and Ctrl+I part… How should I append the accelerator key text to the command caption?

  2. The plug-in adds a submenu called “&Insert” to the frame menu, allowing Alt, then I, to pick that submenu. But Alt+I (both at the same time) does not!
    Whereas for example Alt+P will pick the Program submenu. So how can I get Alt+I (both at the same time) to do the same as Alt, then I?

  3. On the dialog I have set the Cancel button style to ‘C’, meaning accept a press of the Esc key, but it doesn’t work. How to have the Esc key trigger an event on a dialog?

PS. The dialog might be quite useful, if anyone is interested in it.
It inserts a Histogram, Find or Read, including needful key fields initialisation, test for end key, record count (for display), and record not found check, plus the DEFINE DATA view and key field definitions. In short, everything you need to hit the database immediately. I shall post the library to the Natural Code Sample forum once it’s finalised.