How to change NaturalOne shortcuts keyboard

I want to change the NaturalOne shortcut keyboard.
Specifically, ALT + B to avoid a catall/build by accident.
Anyway to change/suppress ?


you can set the shortcuts here:

Searching for Keys and you get the Gernal-Keys -Dialog. There you can search for Keybindings an redefine them.

A Quick-List you get with CTRL+SHIFT+L

Best regards
Markus Wessjohann

Thank you very much.
I am not able to find ALT+B Build command searching for KEYS.

If you can’t find the Shortcut, then it isn’t defined.
In the Dialog you can defined it on your own.

I’m using NatOne 9.1.2. I turned the automatic Build on and it works very well. Sometimes I have to stow some modules manually, that’s ok for me.

I have only save the modules and a few secounds later the modul, and the dependencies, are stowed.

Best regards
Markus Wessjohann