Natural Program as a windows service

I have a Natural program ( A Transaction or Message Processor ) which runs continuously and waits for Broker calls, then retrieves the information from Adabas and then passes back. The problem i have is this program is running as an application and makes admin of the server very difficult unless logged on all the time as administrator. I want to run this program as a windows service and have tried various things unsuccesfully. Can any one point in the right direction or any documentation on natural programs as services

Download SRVANY from there:

this allows you to run any program as a service. Don’t be worried by “NT 4.0”, it works for anything up to XP as well :wink:

There is also a built-in feature in Natural for Windows that allows starting Natural Runtime processes as Windows services. Check the chapter ‘Runtime Startup Services’ in the section ‘Natural Runtime Version’ in the ‘Operations’ manual.