natural file for restoration

Good day,

I have tried to create a natural adabas file using predict with the same frmat and paramters as the fuser file sitting as NAT-USER-PROD (DB 1, FNR 3),

I am trying to restore from the adabas backup using ADASAV RESTONL files=3
newfiles=16 (file number of created file) so that I don’t overwrite the current FUSER, from fnr 16, I can restore the modules I need.

Backups of the libraries using systrans (unload) or sysobj (unload) has not happened.

What is the best way to create the file on predict for restoration, renumber the FNR to something unique so that the restore job will work successfully. Can the restore be done online instead of batch?

Thank You.

Hi Zaheer,

It is not clear to me what you want to do? Do you want to restore a backup of your Predict file as well? Can’t you use the same steps as when restoring the backup of the Natural fuser file but of course use other Adabas files numbers?

Predict isn’t required to restore a backup copy of your FUSER to another file. In fact, I want to highly discourage you from using the DDM interfaces to the FUSER file to accomplish whatever your ultimate goal is. Rather, if you need to access Natural objects or other things stored in the FUSER, I would use utilities like SYSOBJH, SYSMAIN, etc etc and point to the restored file in order to unload or copy objects. It’s easier than programmatically unloading your modules and restoring them, and much less error prone.

I assume you have successfully done the restore of the backup of file 3 (your real FUSER) to file 16 (copy of FUSER). From here, just use the utilities that come with Natural. If necessary you can build alternate Natural nuclei that point to the copy INSTEAD of your current.

The DDMs built for your FUSER really aren’t supported by SAG, and if you manipulate the data in your system file, you could really cause problems. I would say this even to a highly experienced person.

Brian is right. You don’t need to restore Predict to offload from a restored Natural fuser.

I assumed you perhaps also wanted to access a backup copy of Predict.

Hi guys, apologies for delay, was away for a while, actually I have managed to restore using the utilities such as load and unload from systran in batch, I do appreciate your warnings regarding predict, I have managed to successfully restore to a different library and copy the requirements into the actual library.

Much appreciated, You guys are the best!!! :slight_smile: