Natural Buffer Pool & EXX Server

When we recompile a subprogram on the server library (hosted on AIX5.2), the bufferpool is refreshed for the transactional users but not for the EXX server. Currently we must stop the server and relaunch it manually.

Is it possible to fix it? (automatic refresh of the bufferpool of the EXX server)

Hi Frederic,
What about making a small subprogram that calls the SYSEXT Natural Buffer Pool Interface API: USR6009N
that can flush all or parts of the current bufferpool ?

We have already developed this kind of tool in the past but the problem is that something must yet launch this tool. We are looking now for a solution completely integrated with the stow command of Natural. Perhaps a parameter coming from Natparm?

Hi Frederic,
Must admit I haven’t heard about adding extra stow functionality via natparm :frowning:

What then about making local program that calls the broker->RPC-server-cleanup-subprog in the right bufferpool, and then make a small program that stacks the stow and the call to this program ?
In SPOD you could even replace the STOW icon with a “User Command” that does a stow and relevant cleanup.


Our Natural RPC server on z/OS are running with the same bufferpool as the online systems (CICS). After every update in the online systems the RPC servers automatically use the latest version. Is this not possible on AIX?


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