EntireX Broker Restart


Every time I make a change to a subprogram I have to restart the broker service for the changes to take effect.

Is there a way for the broker to pickup the changes without having to restart it?


You don’t need to bounce EntireX

I assume your RPC servers don’t use the same (global) NATURAL bufferpool as the environment you are changing the subprograms from, right ?

You will need to either use a shared (aka global) bufferpool for these environments, or take other measures, like implementing a subprogram you can trigger to refresh the RPC server’s bufferpool (and even then it’ll only consistently work if all RPC servers share a bufferpool, assuming you are running multiple instances.

Thanks for the explanation!

You can use USR0350N API to refresh the buffer pool selectively. If you are using a local buffer pool for your RPC server, use the option for a shared local buffer pool (set LBPNAME in NATOS) and wrap the USR0350N for an RPC call to allow you to refresh the local buffer pool on request from any RPC client.

There is a typo in the last message: the required API is called USR0340N.