NAT9928 RC 0007

I am getting NAT9928 RC 0007 when I added 4 combo boxes to a screen (am populated the comboboxes with about 100 values each). It seems to me that it is a space issue, but I cannot find any documentation that refers to rc 7. The message in the manual is a follows. Any suggestions?

NAT9928: Compression failed during roll-out. RC=:1:.
Text Compression failed during roll-out. RC=…
Expl. The Natural thread storage compression failed. The exact reason
is indicated by the decimal return code RC=00nn. It is explained in
the Natural documentation.

Actn. Contact Software AG support for further problem analysis.

Are there associated NUS02nn messages also? Does the NUS0207 message help?

Expl. The Natural user thread is too small.
Actn. Enlarge the Natural user thread (under UTM, change operand of parameter MAXSIZE in macro NTSWPRM).

If not, you should open a support request (and ask to have the message description provide additional details as to where in the Natural documentation the explanation is!).

Update - our SE solved the problem. He increased the thread size in the NWOSERVER. Seems like the thread size was too small for the amount of data I was trying to display.