myWebMethods Portal 6.5.2 Clustering

Hi folks trying to do myWebMethods clustering and had some question:

  1. what kind of clustering is recommended active-active or active-passive?
  2. It seems that for active-active setup DB schemas should not be shared but in active-passive it should. is this correct?
  3. In cluster configuration section of in mywebmethods adminstrator’s guide section “Considerations When Starting My webMethods Server in a Clustered Environment” talks about sharing the folder i.e.,
    “Currently there is a requirement that you mount a network drive and make My webMethods Server software files accessible to all nodes in the cluster by sharing out the files to all My webMethods Server machines in the default segment in the cluster. The entire cluster must be running from a set of shared files that are accessible by all machines in the cluster.”

In SUN Solaris environment can we achieve that by

A) installing the master myWebMethods server on veritas FileShare common to two servers and second installation in a local folder of second server?
B) Installing and configuring both servers once in a shared or NFS mounted location and then instances be created separately by executing portal configurator from different boxes where these instances will execute?
C) If A & B is not correct What does this statement means and how this affects installation in a clustered environment?


According to 3, it seems that B should be correct …
However, what we did is install a single MyWM on a SAN that could be mounted either on the server 1 or on the server 2. Run a single instance from the server where the Volume group is mounted.
This is a active-passive cluster.