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Estoy tratando de cambiar la base de datos a la que referencia my webmethods, pero me aparece como predeterminada y las opciones de en el Menu Emergente no me permite modificarl.

Asi que opte por agregar otro Data Source, pero no logro settearlo como predeterminado.

Como puedo establecer el nuevo data source como predeterminado o como puedo modificar el que actualmente existe?

If google translates correctly, you want to change default MWS datasource.

This one is set on MWS/server/default/config/mws.db.xml

If you change database to a different location, ensure you create proper TABLES with dbconfiguratorUI.

Additionally take into account you will LOOSE all current MWS setup.
When you start MWS it will connect to new database and create proper configuration.

If you don0t know english, use google translator or post in a spanish forum.

i dont have problem for post in english, but… the first time posted in english and an user reply me in spanish, jejej,

Was me hehe, becasue the service about you did the question was called in spanish so I understood your principal lenguage is spanish like me.

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