My portlet does nothing - Exercise Accordion Controls.

Hi Gays:

I have to make one exercise that content one accordion of controls hideables. For this I´m use the controls “One Way Toggle Link”, “Hideable Panel” and “Script Block” whit the next properties:

One Way Toggle Link : “Property FOR” - ContentOne and “Property ID” - For Identification of control

Hideable Panel: “Property ID” - ContentOne (Note: In this part the property “ID” is the same at control "One way toggle link - Property FOR ")

Script Block: “Property Value” - The next Java Script Code

Event.observe($('#{activePageBean.clientIds['toggle-one']}'), "click", function() {

Note: I have three One Way Toggle Link, three Hideable’s Panel and one Script Block.

***But After doing all this my portlet does nothing. This is the page where you guide me

Can you help me please.

One of the first things i do when debugging a javascript problem is to open the page in FireFox using Firebug. I’ll have a quick look for any javascript errors.

If there are no errors, I next try to diagnose whether my javascript event listener is being invoked at all.

In your case, i would change the first of three scripts to:

Event.observe($('#{activePageBean.clientIds['toggle-one']}'), "click", function() {

Most likely the names of the controls don’t match what you have in the javascript, but that is just a guess.

Lastly, you could try to execute some of the javascript directly in firebug to see if you have valid references to the controls. On my server (after having built the sample out) that looks like:



Hi before nothing, thanks for your time and support:

I have tried to do what you say to me, but profit not to obtain a good result.

I have placed alerts in the code and not me the offer when executing the Portlet, I suppose that she is so that this not invoking the Function Java Script

*I would need to specify some property, aside from the event " click" so that he is sent to call the function?

Note: It forgets to mention that I am uniting in Designer 8.0
Codigo Actual.bmp (1.37 MB)
Error Java Script.bmp (1.11 MB)

Did you check to see if there were any javascript errors on the page?
Did you check to see if you could execute some javascript to manually hide the panels?

Maybe you could just attach your project and i’ll try it out locally?



Thanks but can I resolved my problem, only change properties of Effects. I read in the forum that in the version 8.0 operates differently this properties.

Thanks for your support and for your time!!!