MWS Storage - Access link


I have a small question concerning MWS storage.

Is it possible to create a directory (let’s say “PDFStorage”) somewhere in MWS folder which will enable a direct access to the files with a link like http://<mws_host>:<mws_port>/<some_link>/

Folder and files will be created by an IS service which write file in a target location without concern about web related topics (basic write file).


Yes. This is done with ‘Web Spaces’. The MWS administrator can create a WebSpace for a specified ‘root’ folder. All subfolders/files will be available by a standard path from the root on down.

You can find the Webspaces Administration in the AdminDashboard -> Configuration folder.


Hi mimel.

Thx, I checked that functionality but I couldn’t find a way to target a Windows folder for a web spaces.
When I create a web spaces, it asks for a folder but only provide me with MWS logical folder.

I tried, also, to create some public folder to target them with a web spaces but could not find the Windows folder corresponding.

I searched “web spaces” in the MWS doc “8-0-SP1_Administering_My_webMethods_Server.pdf” but could not find any reference to it.

Could you tell me how I can set a Windows folder for a web spaces.


Edit : I found some reference in the doc “8-0-SP1_My_webMethods_Server_Portlet_Reference.pdf” but this do not let me think I can make a web space with a Windows folder. I realized that ma question might have been not precise enough. In my question “PDFStorage” would be a Windows folder like “C:\PDFStorage”

In the mean time I tried an other approach which is no longer centered on CAF technologies. I tried to make a flowservice which read a file in the filesystem and send back the file (in bytes). I reach this service by HTTP request but I don’t manage to modify the return content type in order to tell the browser that the return is of application/pdf type and not html.

Edit2 : Worked for the IS service call from a browser. But I’m still curious about the web spaces solution if it supports Windows folder.

I’m sorry, i misunderstood your question. You are correct in that you cannot create a webspace for a windows folder. Webspaces are only for the folders inside of the MWS taxonomy.

If you want to dynamically return files from your Portlet Application, please have a look at this post ( which refers to a sample on the Communities site that you could adapt.

However, it sounds like you’re nearly there with your Flow Service approach, so you might want to stick with that.


Thx a lot.
Now I have a clear picture of the differents options.