MWS SQL Server 2022 Connection

Hi all,

Dear Comunity,
I am trying to configure IS/MWS(10.11 free trial) with DB(SLQ Server 2022).
It is my second attempt because previously I didn’t have DB installed and I wanted to configure that during products instalations but probably I did something wrong.

Can you explain me please how am I supposed to do that?
I saw the topic says that it is possible to do using ready script but this all I can see on the path
Is is possible to configure that on IS → Adapters → WmDB or webMethods Adapter for JDBC?

Have I done something wrong at the second attempt?
If so and if I missed something can I somehow install it without fully reinstallation?
Please provide a detailed description as I am a beginner and doing this for the first time.

I am so greatful for help.


Hi Radoslaw,

after installation you have to run DB Configurator to create database user and schema for MWS.
After that run “mws.bat -s default init” to pre-initialize the DB followed by “mws.bat -s default start” to start the MWS.

Please check the MWS Administrators Guide for details.
It is available in the Documentation section of the TechCommunity.