MWS Script Error.


When I ran this ora_mws_c_dml_tracking.sql script to create the MWS Schema I got this error–>
Session altered.

INSERT INTO component_event
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Commit complete.

What am I missing?
Here are my scripts that Im running in the following sequence:

1. ora_mws_c_ddl_tables.sql
2. ora_mws_c_dml_core.sql
3. ora_mws_c_ddl_keys.sql
4. ora_mws_c_ddl_seq.sql
5. ora_mws_c_ddl_triggers.sql
6. ora_mws_c_dml_tracking.sql

Thanks for your help and suggestions in advance folks !

Mark? Rob? RMG?

The script "ora_mws_c_dml_tracking.sql" insert the version of installed mws tablespace into “COMPONENT_EVENT”. So please check if this table got created in your MWS tablespace…

yes, you are right that table is missing.
So what I wanted to know is what script creates that table?
Any idea ?
How do i go about fixing this issue?
what do i need re-run so that the script–>ora_mws_c_dml_tracking.sql script runs OK?

AFAIK… this table is created by DBconfigurator tool itslef, when you run the dbconfigurator.bat/sh for a particular component it get created automatically.