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Is there a way to select the server name while resubmitting the services through MWS?
We have 2 IS are in cluster, supose if node-1 is down, whether it’s possible to resubmit the node-1 failed services from another node2(running is)?

I tried resubmitting but it’s taking node-1 server name and it’s throwing monitor exception

Any idea on this.


I used this option in wM8.2 version. Not sure in present version 9.9/9.10 do we have the same.


Am using 9.8 IS version. Any idea?


There should be an option to select the server instance on the Services page itself (on top right corner).

Sudhakar C

Can you attach screen shots. On services page, at top right hand corner it gives one drop down from which you can opt the server in which you have to re-submit the service.


Please find attached screen shot with the same.



I am not sure if this will solve the issue.

When selecting another server instance in server selector drop down you will have to search your service again as the page will reload with the new connection details.

Most likely I am not sure if it is possible to resubmit a service to a different node than the one it was originally run on.

Unfortunately the Monitor Users guide does not have a note about resubmitting services in clusters.


Yes you are correct Holger. This will not resolve the issue.

After some R&D I found the below built-in service to run the failed services in node1 from another node2.


But still am searching , if there is any alternate approach from MWS.

If upon every time you want the resubmitted instance to run from a specific service, then i think you can modify the remote server alias ‘local’ definition to point to the server host where you want to run. I have not tried this so give it a shot.

even if this works, this has a consequence of what if that server goes down; you might have to edit the remote server alias definition again.

why do you want to let the resubmitted instance run on specific node? any specific reason?


No, Why am asking is , suppose if we want to resubmit the service when the other node is down.

Remote server alias will not help here. If you are working on cluster environment. Please check this.



Your IS should have a remote server alias with Alias name as “local” for that particular IS Host.
Consider you have 4 IS which are clustered.

  1. webm01.*.com
  2. webm02.*.com
  3. webm03.*.com
  4. webm04.*.com

Now for , create a Remote Server Alias with alias name as “local” for which the host name will be
Create similar local aliases in all 4 IS which has its own hostname.

Also check your WmMonitor package configuration once…

This should fix the problem… if not capture the MWS Log during the time when you resubmit a service(this provides more info on the error).

-Sudhakar C

Hi krishna,

   I think to resubmit in a particular instance or server you can go with making custom service using "pub.monitor.serviceControl:resubmit" where in altServer you can pass the server id in which you want to make the re-submit.

Baharul Islam