MWS not working in 10.5 trial version

HI All
I am getting below mentioned error when runing databseconfiguratorUI. I have tried reinstallting multiple time still not working. Any one has faced this issue before.
Error: Could not find or load main class com.softwareag.dcc.gui.Main

Hi Pooja,

this is a common known issue with 10.5.
Trial version and 10.5 GA are only supporting DCC in CommandLine (CLI) mode.

UI-mode for DCC has been (re-) introduced with one of the early fixes for 10.5 for DCC & DBS.


That’s right, applying 10.5 fixes should resolve the UI issue and for trial version , CLI will work fine



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Hi Holger
Thanks for the quick response. Can u help me with the link for the fix.


Hi Pooja,

Fix is only available for regular licensed version but not for the trial version.
For the trial version you need to use the command line version as described in the Installation Guide.