MWS Error while retrieving B2B transactions

Hi folks,
I am getting a weird error in MWS while trying to query B2B transactions.
We also noticed that latest transactions are not being shown. I have attached the screenshot.
Has any one encoutered this error? Any help will be highly appreciated.

We are using webMethods 10.5 IS and the fix levels are as below

Trading Networks Server 10.5 Fix 6

DB fix levels as below

code version name data
TNS 10.5.fix3 TradingNetworks
TNA 10.5.fix3 TradingNetworksArchive

code version name data
OPM 9.0.1 OperationManagement
MWS 10.5.fix1 MywebMethodsServer
ACT 10.5 ActiveTransfer
ISC 10.3 ISCoreAudit
PRA 10.5.fix3 ProcessAudit
CCS 9.0.1 CentralConfiguration
XRF 8.2.2 CrossReference
ISI 10.5 ISInternal
DSL 7.1 DistributedLocking
IDR 7.1 DocumentHistory
PRE 10.5.fix2 ProcessEngine

By error it seems error is related with invalid documentType attribute. Possible reason incorrect update in TN DB if imported from another environment. like (DEV to QA or QA to PROD or vice versa) .

Possible solution manually create required document attribute in specific environment. And can verified from MWS below location

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