MWS Default Date Format if set to "Default"

Hi guys, I’m new to WebMethod and hoping I can learn more from this forum.

My question is…

In MWS User Management page (Edit User), I’m able to set my preferred Default Date Format.

For example: if value is set to: yyyy/MM/dd this value correctly gives me the correct date (ex. 2016/03/01). And applies to all format I choose.

However, if my Default Date Format is set to “Default”. This always gives me the Start Date/End Date value of “M/D/YYYY” and validation error of “Date must be a calendar day in the form ‘M/D/YYYY’ (for example, ‘3/18/2016’).” (If i input any other date format).

Is there any way to define/configure the default format except for the one being provided by default (‘M/D/YYYY’)?

Thank you very much in advance.