MWS an error occured when configure the "Database Pool Configuration"

I got an error when I prepared to configure the “Database Pool Configuration” ,anyone who can help me ? I am a new one .Thanks!
(Navigate–>Administration–>System-Wide–>Environments–>Database Pool Configuration
Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{PoolConfigViewPage.tableContent}”

Hi Annie,

  1. What version of MWS is this ?

  2. Do you see any errors in the MWS full.log file ? Can you share the log file ?


Are you using embedded DB? The embedded DB cannot be used for products like Monitor, Optimize , and Process Runtime.

If not using embedded DB , then check whether required database tables are created.

To create required tables, you need to run the database configurator. Refer database configurator user guide for more details.


the “Database Pool Configuration” is only needed when you are preparing an Optimize Environment.

In this case the Optimize database needs to reside in an external database.

If MWS, part Central Configuration, requires externaly database I cannot tell.

We are always defining everything in external database.
To avoid dataloss and complication we are using diffferent db user for different parts of the database:
TN (incl. TN Archive), Optimize, MWS (incl. Central Configuration), IS (incl. BPM and IntegrationServer for Auditing) and Archive (for cleaning up IS and Process Audit, needs to be separated from IS-schema).


Hi all,
When I used the embedded database would led to this error.
Then I use an external database, it does not matter!