MWS 9.5 startup error


I encounter an error when starting my default instance on MWS 9.5 SP1 on Linux Suse 11 Enterprise 64Bit

Below is the error i receive

saguser@mdlgd3mw1:~> cd /opt/softwareag/MWS/bin/
saguser@mdlgd3mw1:/opt/softwareag/MWS/bin> ./ -s default start
JAVA_HOME: /opt/softwareag/jvm/jvm
MWS_HOME: /opt/softwareag/MWS
ERROR: My webMethods Server ‘default’ profile does not exist
at /opt/softwareag/MWS/…/profiles/MWS_default
Please create this server profile using ‘create-osgi-profile’ command
or specify a different platform install path using the -p option.

Can anyone help with this error please??

Having a look the details you are starting the MWS by running the command -s default start

But default profile does not exists you should create the default profile using create-osgi-profile.

Can you also share the MWS logs and please refer MWS guide.

Hi M@he$h

Thank you for the response.

If i try to run the command ./ -s default create-osgi-profile as specified in the Administrators guide i get below error

saguser@mdlgd3mw1:/opt/softwareag/MWS/bin> ./ -s default create-osgi-profile
JAVA_HOME: /opt/softwareag/jvm/jvm
MWS_HOME: /opt/softwareag/MWS
Creating OSGi profile for server instance. Please wait…
Buildfile: /opt/softwareag/MWS/server/deploy.xml
FAILED to create an OSGi profile for server instance. Please see create-osgi-profile_default.log for details.

I have also attached the log files.

This instance has never been started up before.
create-osgi-profile_default.log (1.64 KB)
new_default.log (80.8 KB)

Thank you for supplying the logs. I think the key error is here: com.wm.distman.install.InstallerAccessIntrospection.(Ljava/io/File;Z)V

You should probably file a Support Ticket.
Regards, --mark

Was the instance already working before?

What changed, that might cause this issue?

Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall the MWS?
If yes, remember to drop and recreate the mws database schema.


Could someone tell me why we have to start using default profile ./ -s default start

I use to start using ./ start. I will not use any default profile. Its working fine for me.

Sounds for me as if the profiles/MWS_default directory got corrupted -> Bad luck.

default ist the name of the MWS instance (usually automatically created by installer)

Were there any Fixes applied to this installation?