MWS 7.1.2 installation problem

I tried to install MWS 7.1.2 in a fresh windows machine without installing Broker server and Integration server. I am able to start MWS and able to open the below URL. But, Broker server and Integration server settings are not visible in Administration page.


Please let me know whether it is possible to install MWS without having IS, broker server on the same machine. Also, let me know how to configure MWS to connect IS, Broker server installed in diffrent machine.

Why did u expect to see a non existent IS and Broker in MWS?

It is possible to install MWS, and (IS and broker) in different boxes.

You just need a URL and Port number to connect to IS (also user/pass) and broker.

What r u planning to use MWS for? You can use it as a web application. U don’t have to use IS and broker