mWm user permissions

Hi guys,
I have a problem with user access management in webMetods 7. I need to divide users into group, so one group can’t see mWm transactions of other group. Could you please help me with advice or a manual how this can be done?

Hi Juris,

first create the groups in MWS Administration and assign them the users as members.

Under Permissions Management select webMethos Applications and on the next page you can assign the neccessary permissions.

See MWS Administrators Guide for further informations


Hi Holger,
Thank you for your answer.
Done it in a bit different way:

  1. Create Group
  2. Create Role
  3. Give all Acces and Functional Privileges
  4. Add Created group to Role Members
  5. Create Data permissions
  6. Add Role in Permissions Tab
  7. Add Partners and Document Types in Data permissions
  8. Add group to partner

The only question now is: is there a way to exclude some Partners?
I have group A and Group B, Partner types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I need that group A can see Partner types 1 -5, but Group B could see only 6.

It would be a huge amount of Partner types, so I was thinking about allowing Group A see everything excluding Partner Types 6.

I’m trying now to automate partner list in Data Permissions using Developer or any other tools, but no luck yet. Maybe someone have already faced same problem and have a solution?