Multisearch option in Impact Analysis

I want to find all the programs that STORE a record using a particular DDM. One of the existing Analysis reports provides all the accesses to a DDM, but as we have a large number of programs it is difficult to wade through trying to find the stores.

Can the Multisearch option provide this capability? If it can, how do you specify the parameters.

There are a few methods available in Natural Engineer that will allow you to do this.

One is to use the Environment Report, Database Data Requirements. Go to the Environment Menu->Application Reports->Database Data Requirements. You will be presented with a list of DDMs, select the one you want and select the output destination to be Excel. On the next screen then select all when presented with the list of fields. When the report is presented in Excel use the standard Data->Auto Filter and select STORE from the Keyword column.

A more efficient way is to use Impact Analysis. Select Natural Keywords and choose STORE statement. Then in Keyword Value(DDM Name) select the DDM you require. Run Impact Analysis and the results will show you the information I think you require.

I am fairly new to Natural Engineer but my understanding is that it is only as good as the last repository date. If that is correct then, for your example, PREDICT x-reference may be a better way to go. In x-referncing of files or views set view usage to “N”. If I’m incorrect about the ‘currentness’ in NE then :oops:

Thanks Graham, I did happen on using Excel late in the day, but I do prefer the Impact Analysis method. I didn’t occur to me that the Keywords would bring up further options.