Listing where a DDM is used.

We have a DDM which is used across several applications and would like to know where it is referenced i.e. all applications, LDAs, programs, subprograms etc. By selecting the DDM we can see all the applications that reference it but it does not provide a full list of programs etc. If we select each application individually we can get this information but it is very time consuming and we end up with several spreadsheets. Is there a way to say - what uses DDM X.Y.Z and get it to list all programs, LDA’s, subprograms etc within application and provide the results in one report?

Within an Application, there is the ‘DDMs Referenced by Objects’ report – which will tell you all the objects that use a DDM.
Your comment seems to suggest within an Application – but starts off mentioned several spreadsheet – so are you looking for this report to go across the different Applications loaded in NEE & produce a single ‘Global’ report for DDMs Referenced by Objects’ ?

Hi Brian, that is correct - we would like a single Global report for DDM’s Referenced by Objects in all applications. While we can get there with some effort a single button option would benefit us.