Multiple webMethods environments on 1 server

We have a requirement to have multiple logical webMethods environments running on 1 server in our development environment. From reading through information on the forums, there is an approach to install multiple instances of webMethods and change the ports for IS so that they do not conflict for the different instances of the server.

We are currently using the following components of webMethods 6.01 on a Sun Solaris Server:

  • Integration Server
  • Mainframe

My questions are:

  1. What is the best practice approach to installing mulitple instances of webMethods 6.01? (On the forums, there was one approach to re-install in an alternate directory and another approach to copy the contents of the webMethods home directory to an alternate location)

  2. How is webMethods Mainframe effected by having 2 separate installations? Is is possible to have 2 instances of webMethods mainframe running on the same server or does this create a problem as Mainframe uses an unconfigurable port to service clients connecting to it.

Hello Cameron,

  1. We have 2 IS 6.01 instances running on SUN Solaris on different ports. The easiest way is to re-install in an alternate directory, using the installer. The installer adds the home directory to some scripts, when you do a copy, you have to change these scripts manually. Just change the port number after installation or use the -PORT parameter.
    The broker monitor uses an unconfigurable port, so it’s not possible to install 2 broker monitors on 1 server. But you can create two broker servers monitored by one broker monitor.

  2. Don’t know

I agree with the other poster. For the IS Server, that’s the clean easy way to do. The broker monitor can run multiple broker servers on different ports.

The Mainframe adapter and the associated MIS process would have to be done that way. There is a one to one mapping between the Mainframe and the MIS process and IS server. You can two on the same box but they would have to be separate installations.

I would agree that it is best to use the installer to install two copies of the Integration Server on a single machine. If you just copy the directories, you don’t have a very good way of installing the Service Pack later.

We are running two IS 6.0.1 servers on HPUX, and had a problem with all of the file descriptors being used. You should make sure you have IS_6-0-1_Fix24 installed to prevent the issue we were having. This may not apply to Sun, but I did experience the same problem on a Windows Server and HPUX 11i.

can we use one databse with the two instances?

Hi David,

dependent on how you plan to use the two IS instances, you will need either one or two DB-Users/Schemas.

When they are used for different purposes, you need 2 independent DB-Users/Schemas, one for each instance.


If two IS access the same schema, some information will be visibile on both instances. Trading Networks and Monitor data will, but I believe the error logs will only display information relevant to it’s specific instance though.

If you run the audit purge routines, it does not make a distinction on where the data came from, so you will be purging data from all instances logging to that schema.