How to run 2 IS 60 on the same machine


 I used to work with ES 4.6 and I wonder how to create several instances Of IS on the same machine with new version of webmethods 6.0 ?

Hi Anice,
This is documented in webMethods. Of course, this depends on the WM version, disk space and memory available for use. Create 2 installations, start one using a designated port, start the other on a different designated port.

Memory is the biggest concern here, adjust the memory size in the startup script. Wm 6.0? uses a new large document feature. Disk space will be a concern for this. Be sure the read the WM documentation to determine the amount of free disk space needed to configure your server.

Jim Palmer

Fisrt, thank you Jim for your reply.

In which document can i find this information ?


You can found this information into the following pdf :
webMethods Integration Platform Installation Guide.pdf

This document is either on the Advantage Web Site in Bookself > Installation, or if you have installed the server wM6 in the folder IntegrationServer/doc.



I have the platform istallation guide and I do not find any information about how to create and run 2 integration servers on the same server (one IP adress) ? I may be a little blind !

Do I have to install as many time than I want instance of IS ?


You can install several IS Server.
Pay attention to the following point like Jim Palmer describe :
_ Memory : Verification of the machine capacity to use several IS Server wM6. This is describe in the pdf indicate above. wM6 use a lot of machine memory. So check in this pdf, what I need (RAM…).
_ Port : Install each server on different port. For example, our first server on port 6666 (disable the port 5555) and the other of port 5577.


The port configuration is in the Administrators guide. Large Document Handling has it’s own documentation.

If your using Trading Networks, be sure to read all the TN documentation.

All documentation can be found at


The answer to your install/instance question is yes! Each instance must have it’s own installation. You can start each instance on a separate port using a command line or script with the -port “port_number” option. You can change the port WM runs on once it starts, but the command line/script option works very well.