Multiple Oracle Instances vs. Single Instance for Wm6.01 IS

Hello -Forum Friends:
I would be interested in your comments. We are new to the Wm6.01 IS arena and are moving from Enterprise Server 5.0 that we have been running in production since March of 2002.
I have the following questions posted to webMethods support.

Dear webMethods Support:
We are currently building our Development,Training,Test/QA and Production IS Servers.

Currently we only have Wm6.01 IS Server running in Development.
We made the decision to use multiple database instances in Oracle 9i to house the ISServer content by creating the tables based upon your scripts in the {/opt/webMethods6/common/db/scripts} directory.
Our WorkFlowServer is configured to store into a separate Oracle instance and we have a 5.0 broker that is using the older Enterprise Logger Adapter that logs to it’s own Oracle instance.

The concern expressed by our DBAs is the amount of Oracle SIDs required to support this strategy and the machine resource needs.
The questions are:

  1. Is it possible to merge the schemas into a single instance?
  2. Does the decision of multi-vs-single instance have to be made at initial design and startup time?
  3. If design strategy changes from multi to single instance, and given that fact that we have been running for some time now and developing in the Dev server, can the merging of the data content from these 3 instances into a single instance be accomplished?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Randy D. Negley
Integration & Delivery, Cornell University

You could have one Oracle SID (e.g webMethods) that has multiple users defined that corrolate to the server logging requirements (e.g workflow, iscore, isprocess, istn). Each user then would have its own tablespace. Best Practice is to maintain seperate tablespaces for Workflow, TN, and IS (core and process logging can go to the samke tablespace, i.e users). Additionally, if you have multiple IS servers running, they can all be configured to log to the same IS and TN tablespaces. Workflow server DBs should be kept seperate.