Multiple MWS Instance _ Login Issue


We are running 2 MWS instance on same machine on port 8585 and 7777.

I tried this on chrome:

  1.   Login to 8585.  Bring up a TPA to view it.
  2.   Login to 7777.  Bring up a TPA to view it.
  3.   Go back to 8585.  MWM says that I have to login again and my session has expired.

same is what I observe on IE.

Please suggest if there is any setting to resolve this.


That’s a side effect of how the web browsers handle the session cookie. The browser cookie manager stores the JSESSIONID cookie using only the hostname (the port doesn’t matter). So in your step #2, the JSESSIONID cookie for that session overwrites the same from step #1.

The only way I know of to workaround the issue would be to use a different hostname for each session.

For example, open two sessions with two different hostnames in the address:

  1. Open http://localhost:8585
  2. Open http://your_computer_name:7777
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