multiple JVM on the same machine

Hi all,
we have to install the EJB Adapter on a Solaris machine where other Adapters (Oracle, Sybase) are installed and running.
The problem is the EJB Adapter requires 1.3 JVM and we can’t substitute the older JVM because webMethods technical support says not to do it.

We would like to create another environment only for the EJB Adapter. We are thinking to install (on another directory of the same machine) the Adapter Tools and the EJB Adapter, and inside this new installation directory to substitute the JVM. This installation may be used for all those Adapters requiring 1.3 JVM.

Are there any problems about having two WM environments configured on the same machine??? Are there any environment variables overriden?? Is this way safe, or there is something better???

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You can have multiple WM installations on a machine, but they are usually different versions (i.e. 3.x, 4.x, 5.x). I think at one point I tried multiples of the same version and it detected the other and would not let the install proceed. Also, the install writes the start/stop scripts to /etc/rc3.d and the last install of the same version would overwrite the previous install so you would have to do some manual manipulation of the scripts to get both adaptermonitor processes to start up. Is there any way you can isolate the adapters that require 1.3 JVM onto another Solaris box? This is what we have done here to solve the JVM 1.3 problem.

Hi Steven,
really thanks for your answer. For another Solaris box, do you mean another Solaris machine??
I apologize for my english.

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We successfully did the following on HP-UX (tested on NT, where it does not work) to run a single adapter with a different VM from the webMethods JVM (1.2.x in our setup):
In the “Java” tab of the adapter properties put the following in “JVM options”: “-DJAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk13”. Note that you should replace /opt/jdk13 with whatever the path to your JVM home directory is.

Hope it helps … Rick

Yes I mean another Solaris machine. Sorry for the slang usage. I’m sure it is possible to configure two different setups on the same machine, but it would take lots of customizations and if the need arose to install a new adapter it may not succeed correctly.

Dear Rick, you’re such a wise man… :slight_smile: Really thanks!!!