Multiple IS servers connecting to same wM database

I have one environment with wM 7.1.1 with upgraged servers and database.

Now I am migrating another environment from wM 7.0 to wM 7.1.1. For this, I am planning to migrate only servers (IS, RI, BR, MWS) to wM 7.1.1 and connect them to the database of previous wM 7.1.1 environment.

Will there be any issues or conflicts with this? Basically I dont want to upgrade the DB of second environment. And would like to keep it for emergency to fix any production issues of wM 7.0.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

I am afraid you cannot use wm7.1.0 DB schema for wm7.1.1.
Recommend to get a Go from Software AG if you want to try that.