Multiple instances of MWS on the same host.

Hi experts,

The MWS Admin Guide (7.1.1) states that

“You can run multiple instances of My webMethods Server on the same machine, but each server instance must have its own external resources. This is not the same as clustering,which is described …”

I would like to know in what circumstances and scenarios would one have multiple instances of MWS on the same host.


Any ideas experts?
Any pointers plz?

There is a possibility that you can have multiple environments on the same machine.

Like for ex: we have SIT and UAT MWS defined on the same host, with different database names.


Do you think this is the same way we create 2 instances sharing the same filesystem and DB so that they can be in a cluster?


There is a documentation in MWS Installation if you want to create a MWS cluster.
Please refer page 92 of webMethods Installation Guide.