multiple DocumentList to XML

Hi Experts,

Can anyone suggest me in writing a java code to convert multiple document lists to a XML conversion.



You can do that simply with Flow. Do you have a specific requirement where you have to use Java?

Also, you want to convert several document lists to one xml or have an xml for each document list?

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Explore the services present in WmPublic/pub.xml folder, it must suffice your need and requirement.

Hi Lisboa,

I have a requirement to convert a doc with multiple doc lists which has >2 lakhs records overall to a single xml file. I knew about the documenttoXMLstring service but in my case as the input data is huge, my better idea is to create a java service where input is multiple doclists.



If you want to convert a Document (whatever its contents) to an XML file, you can play with the services pub.xml:documentToXMLString and pub.file:stringToFile (or the equivalent stream or reader services), taking care with the BufferSize parameters.

If you want more control over the whole conversion, you can descent in to the corresponding Java services, but beware that navigating the IData structures is a daunting taskā€¦

Good luck.