joining xml documents and extract the


i have 6 documents and i want to extract the data from all these 5 tables and make an xml document. please help me how i can achieve this. each document contains more than 100000 records. actually the data is mapped from sql database using xnode.

now i have 2 things in consideration

  1. if i join all these 6 tables, how will be the performance i can join these tables

regards sreeju

Hi Sreeju,

I presume you are talking about using XQuery, are you ?
Your question being fairly general, my answers can only be rather vague.

  1. Yes, joins are possible using FLWOR expressions and using appropriate
    indexing, this is scalable, i.e. performance should not be a problem.

  2. ‘Making an XML document’ is not directly possible in Tamino XQuery, since
    it does not yet allow to add documents to a collection. You’ll have to
    construct the document as a reply to your query and subsequently
    store it using another Tamino technique, for example, a load.

If you require more detailed information, please be more specific.