Multiple Command Central servers pointing at same installation

I’ve got two Command Central servers/instance. The landscape for the first one contains installations on dev and test environments. The landscape for the other one contains installations on the production environment.

Now, the test environment is an exact replica of the production environment. On the production Command Central landscape, I’d like to not only point to production installations but also to installations on the test environment. This way, I’d be able to easily compare products versions and applied fixes between test and production. I wouldn’t really use the production landscape to actually start/stop test environment.

Is there any problem in having both Command Central servers/instances pointing at the same installation (e.g. a particular Integration Server instance on the test environment)?

Hi Juanal,

This is not commonly used scenario and which is less tested. Still there should NOT be any problem if one installation is added to two Command Central servers/instances. The only impact I could think off is possibly synchronization issues for example the IS in stopped from Command Central 1, and it would take some time/or explicit refresh on Command Central 2 to get the latest status.

Which version of Command Central are you using?


Nikolay: I’m using version 9.6

There shouldn’t be any problem in such configuration. You should be able to use both the instances/CC servers in the same way as you have been using them independently.


Command Central uses SPM (platform manager) installed in remote machines to gather information about specific components in that machine. Technically, you could have any number of Command Central installations which can point to any machine that has SPM. However, it is not a good practice do have such setup in place.