Multiple Brokers on same server

When I have multiple brokers on same server, data of all these servers is saved in same qs.log and qs.stor files. If because of some problem on one of the brokers, the broker stops functioning, then I cannot even recover the other brokers on the same server.
How can I salvage other brokers?


As a general rule you should probably only have one Broker per Enterprise Server for just the problem you describe in your post. It is easy to run multiple servers on a single host, they will just be at different ports. There is no way that I know of to recover brokers on a server if you cannot get the server to startup. The tools to access the storage files are meant to recover events/data but not broker configurations. You should have a backup of your Broker in .adl form so you can recover the configuration as needed.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, as a practice we can have separate servers and all thoseā€¦
But since webMethods provides facility of defining multiple brokers, I was wondering if this facility was available. Running multiple servers may require more system resources.