MSMQ Adapter - how to set ResponseQueue property on message

Using MSMQ Adapter 6.0.0.

I am trying to PUT (i.e. send) a message to a queue using a PUT MSMQ Adapter Service.

Fine. It works.

But I cannot figure out how to specify the ResponseQueue property for the message. It does not show up as an Property in the Input Message Property tab (which is where I would expect to see it).

I am very worried that for some reason web methods have not supported this very essential and basic feature of MSMQ. Without it we are rather… screwed! It’s kind of a fundamental feature of messaging… the request/response pattern? Need to tell it where to send the responses?

Oh well. Fingers crossed there is a way to do this.


P.S. These webMethods forums are extraordinarily poor. Why not set up something vaguely decent such as one of the numerous open source forum packages instead of the embarassement you have got running here?